Frequently asked questions

Q1 Is pre-entry possible without user registration?
User registration is required before pre-entry.
Q2 Can the license contract be concluded without pre-entry?
No, as this system requires membership. Users are required to gain membership with the License Bank before the license contract can be concluded.
Q3 What are the conditions for taking part in the Media Committee?
To take part in the Media Committee, you are required to make some contributions to the main contents selected by the committee to promote the properties. 
Q4 I want to make presentation materials using those characters and brand logos on the homepage of the License Bank.
Please be sure to contact us. We would be happy to provide some help depending on the situation. 
Q5 Will it be possible to edit the character or make a new one?
Yes, it is possible. You can make your own original characters. 
Q6 How much is it for using the character?
It depends on how the character is used. Is it for SP or merchandising? How about the genre and the scope of application? How long do you want to use it? Give us some details and we will calculate the fee right away.
Q7 Can I use the character for sales goods?
Yes, you can do that. We will discuss the fee when the contract is signed. 
Q8 How will the character materials be supplied?
Basically, you will receive digital data, but it can be a printout or original image, depending on the material. 
Q9 Can I entrust you with the production of animations and goods using the character?
Yes, you can. We would be happy to accommodate your needs through our extensive creators' network. 
Q10 Can it be used on a homepage?
Basically, yes. However, in rare cases, your requests cannot be met depending on licenses. 
Q11 How long will the designs and others be placed under editorial supervision? 
It varies from property to property, but it is about 1-2 weeks for domestic licenses and 2-3 weeks for overseas licenses. 
Q12 What would happen if, after the contract is concluded, new product projects or new media use should arise outside the scope of the contract?
If these new activities go beyond the contract, they will be investigated for their applicability. If they are found applicable, the user is then asked to sign a new contract or exchange memorandums. 



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