From recruiting to agreement


Licensee recruiting


Licensee recruiting

The License Bank is keeping its door wide open to a variety of rights-characters, brands, trademarks-that your company (or individual) holds. 
The License Bank makes an intensive presentation of these rights. Contact us to get the most out of your licenses. 

Refer to the following Web site to apply for license presentation.


The licenses for which applications are received will be examined by the Operation Head Office. Intended applications, combinations, and PR approaches for the licenses for which applications are received will be thoroughly checked before their acceptance.

Comprehensive commission agreement


Comprehensive commission agreement

Period of agreement 1 year -
Category of agreement Licensing agreement
Basic character use fee Variable depending on the range of use (all media or only paper media)
Royalty To be decided by meeting 
Licensed area All areas in and outside the country
Advance approval Pre-checks are made at each step. 
Payment conditions  In principle, payment is to be made at the end of the next month after the charge is remitted.

Property disclosure


Property disclosure

The property will be disclosed after concluding the license agreement.
The disclosed property is used to produce samples by user corporations so that we can have some idea about the actual product.

Advance check

The License Bank HP carries a section to show detailed property information.
Property registered with the License Bank can be assessed by ordinary consumers or users. Such assessment can be made by the following: 

(1) The license is used as the screen saver data that can be displayed for a certain period. It can be downloaded, free of charge, and the frequency of downloading is counted. 
"Download ranking of popular licenses"
(2) "License popularity vote" shows a list of licenses, allowing the user to simply choose desirable ones from among them. 
The information obtained here is analyzed. Results are fed back to copyright holders and users. 

Merchandising agreement


Concluding merchandising agreement 

Three parties including the property user and the License Bank conclude the agreement.

Merchandising/SP implementation

Cooperation is expected to produce designs and run promotion campaigns for merchandising after the agreement is concluded.