From registration to contract


User registration(Free)


Users of the License Bank services are required to register first
Registration is free of charge. 
Registered users will promptly receive The License Bank Mail News with such contents as property information and project outlines.

Refer to the following Website to register. 
( User Registration fax form for printing )

Users are free to take part in any project presentation outlined in the e-mail.



A media committee will be set up for the property for which the project presentation is held. Detailed information on property operation, PR and advertisement campaigns, media plans and product images will be provided. Opinions and wishes of registered users will be reflected in the way each project is implemented.


Refer to the following Website for pre-entry registration.


License contract

MD contract

Contract period: - 1 year
Category of agreement License merchandising agreement
Basic royalty  Varies depending on range of application (merchandising items, range).
Licensed area Inside Japan **Varies depending on characters.
Advance approval  Advance approval is required at each step before merchandising. This includes supervisory editing for the copyright holder through the License Bank. 
Payment conditions  In principle, the user is billed every month from the start of the agreement for the royalty that is calculated based on the production and sales report. 
Lump-sum payment (in cash) by bank remittance

SP agreement

Period of agreement - 1 year
Category of agreement Campaign licensing agreement 
Character use charge  Varies depending on the range of application (all media or only paper media).
Royalty for special order  To be decided through consultation
Licensed area Inside Japan, but varies depending on characters
Advance approval  For the use of the campaign, advance approval is required at each step for all the sales promotion items. 
Payment conditions  Payment for the use of the character is to be made within 1 month after the agreement is concluded. For special orders, a lump-sum payment, in cash, is to be made at the time of delivery.